Getting There

September 7, 2008

After a slow start in the ‘debate’ on Friday night I thought things were looking a little bleak – it definitely hadn’t gone the way I’d thought or hoped it would.  As the leader of the main portion of the session I felt that responsibility rather heavily upon my shoulders and I have to confess I was worried about how the rest of the weekend would pan out.

But I think we’re getting there, I’m getting there; many things are filling me with great hope.  Hope about the debate strand – we’ve had two good sessions since and I’m blogging from the last strand which has a decent buzz going already.  I’m feeling more positive about how things went in my part of the debate process as I’ve had many conversations with young people here about the issues I’d tried to raise.  In spite of me rather than because of any skill on my part, they’ve got the point.  The honesty and frankness I’ve witnessed between relative strangers has been as breath-taking to behold as its bravery in daring to bridge the gaps between people and experience.

Mark Yaconelli’s been speaking about the Good News being truly good and joyful to hear, and I have to agree, which I’m certain isn’t a minority opinion – so many people have been touched by his powerful stories and his passion.  I’ve not always been able to say that the News has been Good for me, but right now it really is and I hope and pray that it continues to be.

Like the new look NYA I’m definitely a work in progress, but I’m getting there…and on the up!

Alan Ramsay


would jesus have stayed in bed

September 7, 2008

This morning a small (select) group of hardy souls stumbled, crawled, perhaps even bounced (well ok the chances of that are slim) and went for a wee jog round the Quay. Our numbers were somewhat depleted from yesterday’s high of eleven. Many of the keen voices of last night and their brave “we’ll run the bridge tomorrow” failed to show.

On the face of it, the grand idea of a morning run now could have looked like a really dumb idea. The idea had been borne out a fit of pique about the early start to each day and the ‘pledge’ I had been asked to metaphorically sign up for by being a staff member – it had been kind of “if it’s going to be like a boot camp then why not have what all good boot camps have – a morning run!” Daft I know – how many boot camps do you know that take place in 4 start hotel?

Anyway back to the four hardy souls – 2 staff, 2 delegates. Was it a waste of time? Do you think Jesus would have stayed in bed or come for the run? He would certainly have been up late last night dancing the night away and enjoying the ceilidh. He loved a party after all. He enjoyed being with people and could really whip up a crowd. But so many of his encounters dealt with the individual; he could feed 5000 but equally he could seek out the individual within that crowd – Zacchaeus, the bleeding woman. He cared about the individual. He wasn’t worried about numbers. He didn’t measure success by how many people turned up. He measured success by lives changed, encounters that turned lives round. So I am guessing that Jesus would have been waiting in the foyer this morning ready for a run, not caring that there were only four of us. He would have met everyone else last night at the party. He would have jogged along with us and chatted and may be, just may be touched one of our hearts. But then again maybe he did………..

Shuna Dicks

Going well

September 6, 2008

NYA2008 seems to be going well.  So well that we’ve not really had time to blog!!!

What has happened is that some of the information from our discussions are posted in the wiki.  Check the debate pages for the latest updates.

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On your marks, get set…

September 5, 2008

…and waiting for the go!

I’m Allan, a youth worker from Kilmarnock and this is my first Youth Assembly on the staff team.  I’ve been to 4 others over the years since 2001 and it’s been an amazing experience.  It’s a real privilege to be part of the team this year (Look for me on the Healthy Relationships team, and the late night Cosy Coffehouse) and I’m really looking forward to working the sessions alongside my colleagues and the 250-plus young people coming to the Apex-by-the-sea.

I really hope that God gives you all you need from this event…and that I don’t mess up! 😉

Bye for now,


Staff Meeting

September 5, 2008
The staff have arrived at the Apex for NYA2008.  There is the usual mix of people catching up with old friends and meeting new people, information to be instantly forgotten and plans to be made.  Delegates are starting to arrive and there is a nice feel to the place with massive word clouds representing the debate topics.
Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting

let the packing begin!

September 4, 2008

People from all kinds of places are coming to NYA2008.  As you would perhaps expect there will be people from all across Scotland but there are also people from Denmark, Northern Ireland and even Kenya making the trip on the road of the miles to Dundee.

Don’t forget that the rooms all have hairdryers and there is free wi-fi so bring your laptops.  You also get to use the pool and the gym if you’re not tired out by the morning run!  So bring your gear.  Towels are provided.

Bring your glad rags for the formal dinner on Satruday evening (or don’t – it’s up to you!).

So, where are you traveling from?  And how are you getting to NYA2008?  Leave a comment telling us where you are from!

If you’re following in cyberspace, where are you?

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September 3, 2008

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