Jonathan White – delegate

I have really enjoyed National Youth Assembly this year. The debates are more like discussions and its good that there not as formal. The most interesting debate for me was the Media debate. Media can shape and change our church in so many ways through internet, television, powerpoint and video. I think that the future church is virtual church where you can use the internet to share you faith and love for God through website, blogs, messenger and social networking sites. We have already started to see the whole bible put on the internet through and you can email your ministers. It wont be long before everything is on the website. I think media adds another dimension to worship which appeals to a young generation.

The Future church debate also interested me. The church seems to be tied up in money and budgeting that without money there is no future for the church. I think attendance and age is a problem there is no  generation to take over the church when this generation is gone. I think the church needs to do more to encourage people back in to worship and I think the church with those people who maybe cant come to church due to studies.

I also enjoyed the worship in the main hall every morning the band  is great. It is great to see everyone come together and share one common purpose to worship God and I felt God when I looked at everyone in close worship. I also enjoyed Fidge’s worship where we had that time of silence and to reflect it also helped me to connect to God and think of me and the world today.

Overall NYA has been a life changing experience I feel I have been enlightened through worship, debates, workshops and seminars but most of all the social aspect of having a Burns Supper and Christmas Dinner together to a Ceilidh and a Hootenanny. I will go away having been blessed to spend a weekend with so many nice people.

Jonathan White


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